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Hardest Hit Campaign Rally Bradford

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Today was a day of National Demonstrations. The Hardest Hit Campaign.

Emmerson's Speech

Campaigning against Cuts to Disability benefit payments & services. The Bradford & District disabled people’s forum held a Demonstration in Bradford today.
Despite the October breeze the Demo was quite well attended. The Speeches started off with Emmerson Walgrove although a little quite the speeches were soon under-way.
The demonstration was calling for an end to the cuts affecting the most vulnerable people in society. Disabled people are already twice as likely to live in poverty. Now the Government plans to cut 20% from the budget for DLA Disability Living Allowance affecting thousands of people. they also plan to take Mobility Allowance from disabled people and children living in residential schools or care.
The government also plan to cut off payments of contributory Employment Support Allowance after a year, for anyone failing or struggling to gain employment within a year will find their benefits cut.
Bradford council is also implementing a 30% cut to adult care and support possibly leaving the people who are most vulnerable with very little support.

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Written by Nick Lee

October 22, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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